AIST group consists of young and full of energy personnel. There are programmers, designers, software, telephony and network specialists among our staff.


Specialists of AIST group provide development of application software and special information systems according to individual order. Throughout the process our specialists pay special attention on quality and security of applications. All requirements towards the developed application are agreed and documented in terms of reference. It’s even made possible to make any corrections on the terms of reference prior to development. The process is agreed (during the development period) with the customer and all their employees. Our specialists build products with the help of modern tools and languages like Java, C#, Objective-C, Delphi. We’re also preparing specialists in web (JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS ) and relatively low level system programming (ANSI C). All our programmers have database knowledge and experience to certain extent. Although the databases we create are mainly the ones that are part of our products we serve and provide maintenance of databases developed by others too. Even if the customer company does not have any IT specialists the development of applications and databases are conducted without any difficulties. It’s because our specialists take individual approach to customers taking their knowledge on the field and their needs into consideration.
We have ready-made solutions in the form of software systems for a variety of fields: sales and storage (recording and storage, automated reports for any period, the audit, the ability to bind the parties and taking into account price-to-party provider, discount campaign, customer, etc.) production and accounting (accounting for all manufacturing and storage processes, sales and distribution of finished goods, audit and audit reporting) Marketing (for organizations engaged in wholesale trade - accounting of distributor of goods, a system of rewards, assessment of the success of ongoing marketing company), insurance (for banks and insurance companies), the archiving system (flexible with the ability to adjust to any requirements).


We develop and implement telephony solutions based on Asterisk Open Source Telephony Platform. It advantageously differs from proprietary, so that when you use the proprietary solutions, payments are made for software, and for his setting on the wishes and preferences of the customer. When you use the Asterisk software fee is not charged because the product is an open platform. This allows the owner (customer) significantly reduce the cost of implementing telephony solutions. Asterisk allows you to create solutions of any scale and complexity without the need to acquire additional modules, i.e. all of the features are included in the original software. This allows you to create simple solutions such as PBX and complex solutions such as call centers, processing centers, use the interactive voice response (IVR) menu lists-Dialer, integration with application software and databases. Digium Inc, the developer of Asterisk platform, provides equipment which the specialists of our company use to develop solutions based on Asterisk ® for small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprise-class systems. This includes equipment and Board to connect analog and digital telephony (E1 and T1, PRI, BRI), ECHO suppression, retail solutions. In the near future we are going to offer complete solutions from Digium Switchvox. These are packed solutions for enterprise-class from the Digium based on Asterisk platform. Unlike Asterisk, Switchvox provides a handy menu control via Web browser and you do not need to have in-depth knowledge of it to customize equipment on your own.


Our specialists make configuration and maintenance of software and hardware both with proprietary software and using open source software. We carry out maintenance of servers and workstations Microsoft Windows, Linux. Rapid deployment with thin client Setting up the required services (DNS, FTP, DHCP, AD, etc.) Development and implementation of monitoring systems (monitoring network, various network equipment, surveillance cameras, various sensors (gasmeters, glass break detector, temperature sensors, etc. .)
Development of networks and installation of structured cabling system (SCS) and network equipment (switches, routers, integrated devices), setting up firewalls, remote office integration (VPN), setting levels of access, content filters, etc.


Our experts will develop a website design, presentation, design of brochures, booklets, business cards, calendars and other printed and electronic products Work is underway to train specialists in the field of web (JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS)

Write to us at office@aist.az